Safeguarding – Administration – Optimisation – Partitioning
FIM takes on tasks from many different fields in cases of apportionment of assets or the accrual of an inheritance, by order of the heirs or the executor. These may include:

Complete registration of assets and liabilities
Safeguarding and administration of the estate
Safeguarding of claims and rights from the estate
Short-term continuation, for instance of a business
Optimisation of the estate, for instance by debt restructuring or improvement of its usability or marketability
Preparation and implementation of agreements on the partitioning of the estate
Sale of individual assets
Development of new financing concepts for the settlement of the estate’s liabilities

FIM will compile a clear project and time management in coordination with all parties.

FIM will work discreetly and independently, exclusively pursuing the interests of the testator, the heirs and/or the executor.